Behind the Darkness

Dark Sky Choir is an American hard rock/metal band formed in 2016 in New Jersey. Inspired by a lifetime love of metal, Dark Sky Choir brings years of live and recording experience to the stage with their own brand of hard rock and metal. Their debut album was released in 2017 and was soon followed up in March of 2018 with a brand new album END OF DAYS. END OF DAYS is available on all media platforms.


Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Brian Allen was the longtime front man for the Bay Area thrash-metal band Vicious Rumors. He has long been a staple of the metal scene, singing with such bands as Last Empire (who signed with the Underground Symphony Label in 1999), and Two-Headed Beast, since 2015. He joined Dark Sky Choir in the fall of 2017.


Heavy metal guitarist Ira Black joined DARK SKY CHOIR in March 2019 and is featured on the DARK SKY CHOIRS’s END OF DAYS album. Black a 35 year metal guitar veteran has played in numerous bands including METAL CHURCH, VICIOUS RUMORS, HEATHEN, LIZZY BORDEN and I AM MORBID. Black also played and toured with DOKKEN in 2018.


Bassist Percy Trayanov is best known for his work with MADAME MAYHEM and ACEY SLADE & THE DARK. Percy studied at the Academy of Music in Bulgaria which lead him to BURNING SOUND, one of Bulgaria’s top rock acts in the 90’s.


Drummer Jordan Cannata is best known for his work with ADRENALINE MOB, STEREO SATELLITE, SUGARMORE, VOICES OF EXTREME and recent fill in dates with DORO!

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